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. things calmer this morning, but will that continue. and the san francisco giants are still on the hunt for the world series and we will have highlights from both games coming up. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you for joining us, this morning october 11th, i am pam cook. >> it is not even mid-october and steve, some wild weather yesterday. >> yes, we had it in los gatos and mainly by gilroy which took the brunt of everything. things are calmer now but boy is it going to be cooler today with a lot of 60s.
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here is sal. san mateo bridge looks good, no problems on any of the bay area bridges. so far as you cross towards 880 and sunny veil, 6:00 let's go back to the desk. topping our news, we have a new development in a serial killer case which could provide answers. the 9-year-old girl was kidnapped back in 1988. claudine wong joins us from the police department with the emotional reaction from kayla's mother. claudine wong? >> reporter: we are hoping to hear more from investigators but early this morning, mckayla's mother posted a blog about the latest twist saying quote, i don't know how to live in this waiting time and she has been waiting 24 years for answers. it was back in 1988 she was
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kidnapped from a grocery store. her case has gone unsolved but see said, i think this might be it. she was called to the hayward police department because of a bone that could be mckale's and -- mckayla's and is now being tested after convicted killer wesley howard shermantine had led them their. he gave the bones to another woman. they were not content to stop there. they scalded on wesley howard shermantine to give the other families the same. >> he did the right thing by giving the right information for these families to get closure but he -- closure but he needs to tell the rest for everybody else. >> they got the bones they were given and that is when they discovered not all of them were
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hobson's. one of them was for a child between the ages of 5 and 13. now the dicking was conducted by the sheriff's department and mckayla's mother writes, somewhere in this blog, i wanted to be there if mckayla was found. if for the first time light of day was found and if all that was left was skeletal remains i want to wrap my arms around my daughter and in this case there is only a single piece of bone 3 inches long. again, they are now checking to see if it is mckayla's and it is still unclear when they will be done. it happened on the intersection of 43rd avenue.
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witnesses say they heard a large number of gunshots. one person was taken to the hospital and they are being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. a woman was found stabbed to death last friday and yesterday a woman and her husband were taken into custody it happened when they were spotted driving the stole subaru -- stolen subaru. the arrest has given the family some relief. >> this is the first deep breath we all took as a family and as a community. >> hercules police called the fugitive and his wife tonya persons of interest and the couple is wanted with another
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one which inn cloud a jail break and series of carjackings. the masked gunman was on a motorcycle when he opened fire on the chief of security. he was on his way to a place he worked 20 years. the shooting happened far from the embassy but the shooting has the fingerprints ever al qaeda. it is unclear if this is connected to the shooting which killed ambassador chris stevens. they are meeting for their one and only debate. and why paul ryan is feeling close to the debate. they came back to the bay
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area and they dream of another bay bridge world series. >> reporter: that is right, they will be perched on barstools and we are here at the ballpark where some are slated to open early this morning. we are here with very excited fans as well as in oakland after their team pulled off a nail biting win half the night. >> they are coming around from the oakland a's and they will live another day. >> the as rally from behind. cocoa crisp, made the traditional game with a whip creamed pie to the face.
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[applauds] [crowd noise] >> reporter: the giants pulled off an 8-3 win and forced a winner takes all in game 5 having a great game striking out 6 hitters. and they caught up with some giants fans who made the trek to cincinnati. >> we drove from cincinnati. >> first game and so we decided to stay and now we are staying. >> now the game takes place at 10:07 this morning and we think people will be missing from work or school as a result and coming up in the next half hour, we will show you some highlights from the giants' locker room. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's check in with sal right now. i know there was a big problem
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in marin county is that getting worse? >> well, it is a little bit slower but we are also checking san francisco. it turned out to be nice and traffic continues to move along relatively well in and we talked about marin and there was an accident at one point which blocked all the plains and it is -- all the lanes and lost people are late to work already this morning. let's look at san jose, we have a report of a new crash reported by san jose chp and they are heading out there to check that out. 6:08 let's go to steve. sal, thank you sir, a very good morning. thunderstorm activity popping up in monterey county and heck,
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it was a rip roaring show and it may play into your forecast but gilroy, leader of the pack, two inches deep and three quarters of an inch deep and over to pose can zero. low cloud deck. this is going to be a very slow process. but the low is moving ever so slowly -- slowly into southern california and there is a lot up the spine of that area and thunderstorms have calmed down but an isolated shower is certainly not out of the picture. san jose south is in line and 60s for a majority.
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very cool breezy, a little bit sunnier inland. also the information facebook wanted to keep secret right before its ipo. >> and no apologies from jerry sandusky, a letter to a judge, why jerry sandusky claims he is the real victim.
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. new this morning, the santa cruz sheriff's department is searching for a man who was showing himself to two girls. he reportedly was masturbating while he drove past the 16-year- old girls. here is the description, he has a short beard, was driving a black toyota sedan. similar incidents have been reported elsewhere. please call deputies if you think you can help. jerry sandusky and his wife remain die few and he wrote letters to the judge responsible for his sentencing. he portrayed them as victims of a vast conspiracy. they called the ten boys who
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accused him of assault liars. on tuesday he was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison. they are wondering if there is enough evidence to move forward against james holmes. it will be the first time most of the evidence in the case is made public and prosecutors are expected to bring the total number of the counts against homes to 166. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 more in a colorado theater. >> and in kentucky, it is the first and only debate, live this morning with how vice- president joseph biden and joe ryan thinks will win, allison? even though he is much mosh
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more experienced. a new poll shows paul ryan will win tonight's debate. ryan says his goal is to emphasize the clear differences between the candidates and vice- president joseph biden is looking to amp up the momentum after the president's poor performance caused the obama ticket to drop in many poles. >> what i am doing is quite frankly studying up on ryan's positions on the issues. >> i know how he will attack us but the problem is, he hasbrouck brock's record he has to run on. >> and the moderator has a big conflict of interest during my next update. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and you can watch the vice- presidential debate tonight beginning at 6:00 and ktvu news
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will follow immediately afterward and we are streaming live on our website. >> there is more leading up to its public august of. the s.e.c. demanded proof and they even havely -- they dropped that reference after asking them if they were counting some of their mobile users twice. joining us from san rafael, what are police doing to lessen the likelihood of some of these break-ins, alex? >> reporter: we are in the peacock gap neighborhood where they have seen this outbreak and 15 have been reported in the last month and a half. burglars are getting in through
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unlocked doors and they are going in and trying to find specifically jewelry and cash and then staff stashing the -- stashing the items in pillowcases. they say the thieves are clean and in many cases they don't know the homes have been broken into because the thieves are so neat until several days later. homeowners are being let know what is going on with this burglary spree and obviously they need to keep their valuables safe. it has a bit of a problem and see what he is looking like. traffic is moving well in the bay area, still, let's go
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out and take a look. northbound 101, reported a crash near here and that is already not that bad but moving along and taking a look at the maps in san jose, that is the opening thing we have and if you want to use 2 #0 and one 0 -- 101 and across the bay area we are off to a decent start. the metering lights are on and it is backed up almost to the 880 over crossing, let's go to steve. mostly cloudy skies, a big bank mainly towards jerry sandusky and most of this is
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sliding southment southwest at vacaville. it is going to be a very cool day and it may not burn off if at all. 50s on the temperatures and i don't think they will move at all and still coming right up from the southern central and some of that could sneak back in today. highs today and tomorrow, and it is going to be a couple of cool days and just a mattering of that and it will decrease in that fog overnight and slightly move away from the coast. the commerce department said it jump 4.1% in august. it was $42.2 billion more than what it experted. both imports and exports declined. august was the third month in a
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row that exports declined. ebay wants more people to take time, but it features more photo toes. the regular feet tire with will remain in place. plus more fall out for knewly in-stated george . plus more fall out for
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newly end stated -- in-stated george.
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do. welcome back. time now 6:22, a napa man has died after he crashed his car into two bicyclists. norman pearce was found dead in his driveway and they say it appeared as though he died of natural causes but one of the bicyclists is still in critical condition. alcohol was not a factor. san francisco police are looking for witnesses who saw somebody open fire on immune any bus.
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-- on a muni bus. the driver heard a gunshot and the driver then quickly drove the bus a short distance away and everybody got out safely but there was a bullet mark on the back of the bus. >> george gascon is asking newly reinstated sheriff ross mirkarimi to recuse some of his duties and appoint somebody else to oversee all domestic violence cases. sheriff ross mirkarimi is on probation after pleading guilty for false imprisonment and bruising his wife's arm. >> we are hoping he can see clearly the conflict of interest that is there and he will do so voluntarily. >> he said he will have a quote legal response to gascon's response and he will fully
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resume all duties on monday. the meningitis outbreak, they have identified the source of steroid shots that are causing fungal meningitis. so far 12 people have died and 130 others have become sick. a lawsuit was filed against the company over a product that caused a different form of meningitis and the same people own a company which has been accused of not separate being sterile from non-sterile supplies. that ticket was sold at a stop and save on scott avenue and it has all five winning numbers from the game. that ticket is worth $206,000. sal, if you had that ticket, you could hop on a
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plane and watch the giants. let's look at what we have, traffic is moving well and still it is time to get a jump on it. northbound looks good and there are no major problems. that looks good but it is getting more crowded. and it is a very cool morning with thunderstorm activity and there is a lot coming up the sierra nevada which may play in our weather later today. we have 60s and temperatures inland very cool, upper 60s and lower 70s, pam. it is the 9th arson in the last two weeks and firefighters are looking for the persons who set it. they are just about to
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hold, there is a missing person's case that happened 24 years ago. and it looks like the good news is looking for an up side on stock markets today. ñçbñ
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, we are over at the new york stock exchange and they are celebrating another ipo and i am just getting the information here. listing initial public offering, this is typically a pretty good sign when companies
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feel a possibility with a national security alliance there ringing the opening bell there. this is a non-profit and they are working with verizon and visa and making sure there is security and cyber security in particular. a lot of economic news, we spoke about the weekly jobless numbers and also the exports, imports so it looks like a good day and again live in new york we will have all the business news coming up. >> hope everything is on the border and good morning, it is thursday october 11th, dave clark has the day off. there is a new twist in a
6:31 am
serial killer case which could answer questions about michaela garecht who was kidnapped in is 988. -- 1988, and claudine wong has more on that story. >> reporter: in the last ten minutes, a sergeant came out to tell us they will be holding a press conference in the next ten minutes to talk about the latest case. in the meantime we have learned more about a blog from michaela garecht's murder and she was called to the office to discuss her daughter's death on monday. it was back in 1988 michaela garecht was kidnapped and her mother said the last 24 years has been filled with leads which have gone nowhere. she said this might be it. loren joseph herzog and wesley howard shermantine the remains
6:32 am
of joanne hobson she went missing and a box of bones said to be hers was given to her mother but even though they got closure they wanted wesley howard shermantine to do the same for others. >> i want him to continue to do the right thing and tell the rest for everybody else. >> and they went one step further, hobson's mother had those bones tested and it turns out not all of them are from joanne. that bone was given to the police department and according to michaela garecht's mother, dna tests are being done to determine if they are michaela garecht's bones on the blog she said she believes these bones are her daughter's. and i feel an overwhelming
6:33 am
desire to bring michaela garecht home. it kills me to think she has been in that god forsaken place all these years and if so i want to bring her home. they said they will have a press conference and we will go in now and we will bring you the latest on what they say in live mornings on 2. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. rain is likely to blame for an accident that happened on their way home and they were just getting on to the freeway going 30 miles per hour. they walked away from the crash without any injuries. and in overnight news, deputies in clark county, deputies are searching for a gunman. this was on ray road and
6:34 am
people's avenue. the bullet traveled to his shoulder. a second one is found on people shall on an -- on an acura integrate. so far -- acura integral. people in the area feel it could get worse. >> if the trees kept, you know it is going to fall right over on the house. >> yesterday morning firefighters went door to door handing out flyers about the arsons and they are doing extra patrols in the area. and a search is underway for a construction worker who is believed to be buried under a collapsed parking garage. they pulled another man from
6:35 am
the rubble but had to amputate both his legs to do it. he is now in extremely critical condition. the garage had been under construction and 10 others are being treated for injuries. oakland is suing the federal government. the city filed suit and the government has threatened to close the medical marijuana dispensary which calls itself the largest in the united states. they pay about a million dollars in taxes. lance armstrong is fighting back. they released a report with a list of accusations involving performance enhancing drugs. coming up some of the charges in that 200 page report and what armstrong calls the case against the cyclist. and on the bridge of i will
6:36 am
limb -- brink of elimination, tara moriarty is live in san francisco as the countdown begins for the big giants game in san francisco. >> reporter: well, there is a 10:00 game start so a lot of people are playing hookey and fans will plan catch their teams later today and they will have a chance after pulling off a nail biting game last night. >> the oakland a's will live another day... [applauds] >> reporter: they rally from behind and cocoa crisp made the game winning hit and they congratulated him with a whipped cream pie to the face. >> this is a great team. they are going to come back and
6:37 am
win... [crowd noise] [applauds] >> reporter: and the giants pulled off an 8-3 win over the reds and that forced a winner takes all game 5 in the national division series and tim lincecum struck out 6 hitters and they had 3 home runs. giants will play at 10:00 this morning and coming up, we will hear from cocoa crispp what he had to say over the game was over -- after the game was over. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. the team will play the jacksonville jaguars in a regular season game which is when they beat them in 2010. the game is set for october 27th, 2013 and that will be around the middle part of their regular season. football, and baseball... >> it is kind of a fun showers
6:38 am
here. >> hope any it is getting better. we don't have as many things but we have one thing you can avoid. if you notice 280 and 85 still have not become all that heavy and there is a little bit of heavy traffic on 880 and you have alternates if you want to avoid 101 because of this crash. look for slowed traffic on 101 and you are looking at the peninsular which looks good in pearl game and no problems in hayward city or fremont. westbound 24 in lafayette, this traffic looks difference but you will see sop wide open lanes. it is back funded up and 6:38 let's go to steve.
6:39 am
we were informed the warriors are also playing at 7:30. >> really? yes, that is what he just told me. >> it is going to be very crowded. and that system brought in thunderstorm activity and yesterday it was about half- moon valley and last night it came off the sierra nevada comes right back around and we gone got hail, still a lot of moisture -- moisture and hail was two inches deep. 7 / 100th to 12 / 100l1sl0 that is the leader of the pack by a mile and there is still moisture wrapping back around and most of the shower activity of is moving back around and underneath all of that, we have a huge fog bank and it is going
6:40 am
to be extremely cool for many. almost everybody says concord cue buchanan and look at all though that moisture blowing up. some of that could wrap back around. now again a lot of low clouds over us, it is starting to move towards the pass and into the valley right there towards san jose so it will be close by 7:00 tonight and we have a lot of fog to deal with and very cold temperatures to deal with over the next few days. really low 70s and tomorrow will be chilly and for the game it will be chilly to dash chilly so bundle up. -- chilly so bundle up. a sailor tried to earn money without even entering the race. one sailor could earn a large
6:41 am
sum of money. and vice-president joseph biden prepares to deal with his opponent paul ryan tonight. and we will have more on the affects of the afternoon commute, stay tuned. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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. good morning, lots of low clouds in place, cool on the temperatures, still a possibility of isolated showers later this afternoon. here is a quick look at some of the top stories. they are looking into the new clues into the 1988 kidnapping of michaela garecht. a bone fragment is being tested. the bones were found in a valley well after a lead from wesley howard shermantine. and they struck again after putting out a fire in a trash bin. this is the same area where firefighters and police went door to door warning people. they are concerned it could possibly killed somebody. a's rally at the coliseum with a walk off win in the 9th
6:45 am
and they win 8-3 and boat giants an amounts will play a 5 the and deciding game later today. visit presidential candidates will meet and sandra says the steaks are high tonight. sandra? >> reporter: yes, good morning, pam, both candidates are preparing for this big showdown in kentucky and the outcome of this vice-presidential debate could shift the outcome in the contest. tonight's presidential face off, republican vice- presidential hopeful, does not my vice-president joseph biden has more experience but he does have an achilles heel. >> i know how he will attack us but the problem he has is president barack obama's record
6:46 am
he has to run on. >> reporter: with the polls in a tie, the steaks are high. especially after last week's presidential debate where mitt romney was viewed as emerging victorious. he made one of his well documented gaps which commented over the sun her. >> unchained wall street -- they will put you all back in chains. >> there will be up to 70 million people so all debates are tough but i am looking forward to it. >> president barack obama said he has confidence in his running mate. >> congressman ryan is a smart and affective speaker. but his ideas are the wrong ones and joe understands that.
6:47 am
>> now despite the difference in the 30 years, ryan said they actuallygy get along kuhai well. don't forget you can watch the vice-presidential debate right here beginning at 6:00 tonight and ktvu news will follow immediately after the debate and if you can't get to it, go to our website they call the doping case against the cyclist a one side hatchet job. they issued a 200 page report detailing armstrong's views on performance enhancing drugs and they claim they turned hotel rooms into blood transfusion centers. his wife is accused of handing out pills as well. armstrong has been stripped of
6:48 am
all his accomplishments. he says doping was not the exception and was the norm but was not the exception. he has been suspended from racing and could tarnish the accomplishments which include 4 top 10 finishes and three victories in california. he towed the energy teams' -- he towed the boat and he said under the old maritime law he is entitled to a sum of money for rescuing the boat and risking his life. i do want to mention we
6:49 am
have some -- there is an incline from the second to the left-hand lane and there is a stalled vehicle which could make things tricky but it will make it slower apt the toll plaza. also this morning's commute will be okay, no major slow down as you head out yet. -- head out there yet. traffic is still slow in this area. you can see it is very slow near capital expressway. 285 does not look all that bad and it's getting slower as you go on 280 near san jose. let's go to steve. we have mostly cloudy skies generally in the form of low
6:50 am
clouds. the same could happen tonight and in santa clara valley they picked up three quarters of an inch and that low cloud deck will be slow to burn off and that tells you it is there in all its glory and in southern sierra, some of that could sneak off again. we start off with a lot of low clouds and thunderstorm have moved back down. some still off to the south, showers are moving south, low clouds are clearer and breezy, upper 50s and very low 70s, it leaks like a cool thursday and there are scenes it could get very -- signs it could get very
6:51 am
warm but until then we have cool afternoon temperatures. the on demand streaming internet, closed captions are on 90% of net flicks and they are suing the company to make it 100% and until everything has closed caption they will display all of its close captioned content. and they rent multihoppers and they rent them to people who want to visit for a day or two. police say there is nothing illegal going on but disney for bids ticket transfers. now they are confiscating tickets if they cannot answer when they first used that park hopper pass. now this morning we are
6:52 am
learning what is next for the sea lion who once had plastic wrapped around its neck. black friday is known as a huge shopping day but this next one could be a black eye for wal-mart. add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats. sizzler.
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add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats.
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welcome back, so far dow jones industrial average is up 33 points and that's live look at the big board. and out of berkeley safe way out of pleasant on it and charles swab out of san francisco. wal-mart is one of the largest retailers and they are given until black friday to improve conditions. employees at 28 stores across the country walked off the job and workers warn they could hold strikes or other nonviolent protests on the day after thanksgiving when people many people flood stores to get those deals. and a police taped interview with giselle esteban accused of killing michelle le. the tape was played in jail. in it giselle esteban goes from laughing to crying and repeatedly asks police if she
6:56 am
is a suspect. the officer found the interview trouble willing and says it raises a lot of questions. she was accused of killing her and dumping her body in may of last year. and accused of killing another man to death in a san jose street fight. they killed a man humberto hernandez. they say witnesses say they can identify the victim and the information is not clear. and after occupying an empty building in the castro district, here is what happened. starting at 5:00 yesterday evening for world homeless, they entered a residential
6:57 am
feuding beginning to hang signs from the roof. >> they say they were prepared to camp out all night but police entered just after 8:00 and began transporting them to jail and some of the protesters arrested could face felony charges. and the sea lion was rescued after somebody reported he had a plastic wrapping strap around his neck. well he is doing better now and he is at the marine ma'am mill center and that -- ma'am mill san terrible and they say it was probably put there when he was much smaller but he is doing better and could be released back into the wild next week. >> very nice. coming up, let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> you can see they moved those
6:58 am
meet terribling lights. it is still a bad dayp backed up all the way to that crash because of mckey. >> the possibility comes off the sierra nevada and a cool day with a lot of 60s. and it has been 25 years since she went missing and we have a new clue that can answer some questions. and it is a challenging day for both the a's and the giant, stay with us, we will be right back.
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